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Planning a shower


Planning is a pretty simple thing to complete. It is a task that is done daily by everyone, most time without much effort. An example of planning: most people have or will take a shower – ideally this is a daily ritual.

We are planning to take a shower in our planning example, the plan might look similar to the below:

1) Check that you have soap or body wash, a wash cloth, and a towel

2) Open the shower door

3) turn on the shower and adjust the water to the desired temperature

4) get naked and enter the shower

5) grab the washcloth and wet the cloth

6) add soap/body wash to the wash cloth and lather

7) wash your body from head to feet

8) thoroughly rinse off your body

9) turn off the shower

10) Grab your towel and dry your body

11) Open the shower door and exit

12) Body is clean and you are ready to go on with your  day

Building a plan is done in the same way nearly every time, it’s all about breaking large tasks down to manageable parts or steps and limiting the amount of time to completing each action or step.